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Quick steps to setup the IoT DevKit – MXCHIP Az3166

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MXCHIP az3166-architecture-wikiazure

In this article I will provide you the quick steps to setup the IoT DevKit – MXCHIP Az3166 and start working with Visual Studio Code.

MXCHIP az3166 wikiazure

1. Go to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-hub/iot-hub-arduino-iot-devkit-az3166-get-started#prepare-the-development-environment and Download the latest package

The .zip file that you download contains all the necessary tools and packages for DevKit development. The download could take ~5minutes.

2. Extract the files to your downloads folder



3. In Windows File Explorer, locate the .zip file and extract it. Find install.cmd, right-click it, and select Run as administrator.




4. During installation, you see the progress of each tool or package.



5. You will see a wizard like this one:






6. Click next, install, then you will see a screen like the shown below:



7. Click finish. After this a security prompt will appear, click allow access:




8. Then there will appear a question to ask if you would like give permission to Microsoft to collect data you can type either Y or N:




9. A notification about this process will appear in the console, press any key to continue:


10. Make sure your DevKit is not connected. Start Visual Studio Code first and connect the DevKit to your computer. Visual Studio Code automatically should find the IoT DevKit and opens an introduction page.


**Note: Ensure that Arduino has set the environment path, you can test it by going to your Arduino IDE and look for tools-> Board Manager -> Az3166





11. Now go and open visual studio code. Look for the extension pane control and then look for the Arduino Board manager, then under Arduino SAMD Boads, click on Additional URLs:



12. In the settings.json file, add a line at the bottom of the USER SETTINGS pane and save.


"arduino.additionalUrls": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VSChina/azureiotdevkit_tools/master/package_azureboard_index.json"

13. In Board Manager, search for az3166 and install the latest version.



14. Unable to find Az3166 examples? Try the following:

  • In Visual Studio Code, CTRL + Shift + P, look for Change Board, select Az3166
  • Ensure you installed and updated the arduinoIDE settings, v1.3.4

Once you complete this steps you can follow up the IoT Lab where I provide you a how-to:

  • Stream data to time series insights
  • Stream data to cosmos db using azure stream analytics
  • Code for cosmos db change feeds and invoke azure functions

>> Azure IoT solution integration: Step-by-Step guide: http://bit.ly/iotLab

Dave Rendón Microsoft Azure MVP, embracing and fostering tech intensity to benefit society and thrive in a digital world.

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