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Azure IoT Workshop – Mexico Dec 2016

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Azure IoT Workshop

Azure IoT Suite brings the Internet of your things to life. Connect your devices, analyze previously-untapped data, and integrate business systems—and transform your company when you uncover new business models and revenue streams.

The Azure internet of things (IoT) services offer a broad range of capabilities. These enterprise grade services enable you to:

  • Collect data from devices
  • Analyze data streams in-motion
  • Store and query large data sets
  • Visualize both real-time and historical data
  • Integrate with back-office systems

To deliver these capabilities, Azure IoT Suite packages together multiple Azure services with custom extensions as preconfigured solutions. These preconfigured solutions are base implementations of common IoT solution patterns that help to reduce the time you take to deliver your IoT solutions. Using the IoT software development kits, you can customize and extend these solutions to meet your own requirements. You can also use these solutions as examples or templates when you are developing new IoT solutions.

The following video provides an introduction to Azure IoT Suite:

[!VIDEO https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Microsoft-Azure/AzureCon-2015/ACON309/player]


  • Gain an overview of Azure IoT Suite & Azure IoT Hub
  • Provide architectural overview of key components
  • Put IoT components in context of broader Azure story
  • Get attendees hands on quickly to make it ‘real’

Module 1: [Download PPT]

  • Opportunities & Challenges
  • Devices & Cloud Patterns
  • Related Azure Offerings
  • Azure IoT Suite
  • Case Studies

Module 2: [Downlaod PPT]

  • Considerations for Cloud connectivity
  • Introduction
  • Connectivity Patterns
  • SDK
  • Management
  • Development Tools

Module 3: [Download PPT]

  • Considerations for a Cloud Solution
  • Preconfigured Solutions
  • Components & Structure
  • Azure Streaming Analytics
  • Event Processing with Web Jobs
  • Portal
  • Machine Learning


Next steps

For more information about IoT solution architectures, see Microsoft Azure services: Reference Architecture. If you want to get the entire solution demo, please send a tweet.

Dave Rendón Microsoft Azure MVP, embracing and fostering tech intensity to benefit society and thrive in a digital world.

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